Expand Your Pallet - $45.00 per person

The next generation of "paint night." Learn to build your own pallet sign with a crown stapler, then sand, paint, distress and finish the pallet with interior/exterior sealers. Great for a night out activity. Class is 3 hours.

Lean Into It: 5Ft Signs - $99.00 per person 

In this creative class, you will create a 5 FT tall sign!  Learn to join the cedar fence together, drill, screw, sand, paint, distress and give an interior/exterior sealer to an awesome indoor or outdoor sign. Class is 3 hours. 

Rustic Serving Tray- $65.00 per person

Choose a decorative board or a food grade board to enjoy for use in your home.  Finish your project with decorative and distressed painting techniques; or, use food grade oil/wax to seal your board to allow for years of use! Class is 3 hours.

Beyond the Box: 3 Mason Jar Centerpiece - $50.00 per person

Build a reclaimed wooden box to hold a beautifully painted mason jar trio! Class will cover using tools to nail, sand, paint, distress and finish both the box and jars with interior/exterior sealers.  Class is 3 hours. 

Shabby Chic Crate - $79.00 per person

A new twist on your traditional tool box. Learn to join the box together using a Kreg Jig, drill, and screws. Sand, paint, distress and seal to make your shabby chic tool crate a talking piece for the home. Class is 3 hours. 

Tick Tock DIY Clock - $135.00

Build a one-of-a-kind clock to fit your own decor. Learn how to drill, paint, distress, finish with interior/exterior sealers, and put together a clock mechanism. Class is 3 hours.