Barstool Quick Flip

We wanted some seating for our workshops, and thought a stool would be the best option so customers could easily stand up or sit down. We scoured online and saw some beautiful options, but many were out of our budget. That’s when good ol’ Harbor Freight came through. The swivel stools were sturdy and the perfect height for our workshop table. The problem: the flamed vinyl seats didn’t match the décor of the shop. 

No problem for our Artisans though. We went to Joanne’s and picked up duck cloth fabric on sale, and decided to mix up our textures with a home decorator fabric we had left over from a project at home. Fortunately for us the seats had a plywood base, so all we had to do was follow the circular seats and cut a circle out of the fabric. We used the Ryobi 18 Gauge Airstrike Staple Gun and began tugging and pulling the fabric as we worked our way around the circle, creating small smooth pleats as we went. After we finished stapling all around the stool, we cut away all excess fabric, and attached the seat to the stool. We are ecstatic about the transformation! Stay tuned for our next quick flip.