RYOBI Challenge Series - The Outdoor Oasis Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our Ryobi Challenge – The Outdoor Oasis. So now that we have all of pieces prepped, the rest was like following a recipe. We made the side of the structure first. To do so, take the front (26.5in piece) and back (5 ft piece) post, screw 16“ board across the bottom, screw 3 sides of Pegboard tile to the front, base and side. Attach next 16” board, screw top of the 1st pegboard tile, and continue to attach 2nd pegboard tile, complete with final 16” board. Our first side was complete!

We repeated the process with the other side of the structure. Pay attention to making a left and right side! You want to make sure the proper side of peg board is facing out on all sides, and yes, in fact, we did start building the second side and realized we were putting together two right sides!

Then we needed to put it all together. Take (3) 16” boards and attach with tiles to join the sides together forming the front. To add a back Pegboard, attach (2) 16” and (2) 18 3/8” boards to tile, then add two hinges on top to allow access to back side of the front tile.  We wanted the back side to have a finished appearance and plan on placing the cart on wheels so it can be spun around for maximum efficiency.

Time for the finishing touches! We attached the reclaimed wood top by drilling holes through the base. Next, we sealed the entire project with coat of exterior SPAR Urethane. Drill holes into the mud pan, plant flowers and herbs, attach all flower pots and canning jars with zip ties. Install wine glass hangers on the inside and create a floating shelf with scrap wood. The project really came together when we attached an old bottle opener on the front!

I really enjoyed working on the Outdoor Oasis with my team at Artisans Workshop. While many of the projects we’re developing for our new workshop series will be far more simple than the Outdoor Oasis, it did help us focus on how to break down the recipe and take the project in small steps. 

We’re already in planning mode for our next project!! Stay tuned.