Welcome to Artisans Boutique!

Welcome to Artisan's Boutique!

Hello!  I’m Carol Still, the Creative Guru behind Artisan’s Boutique and Artisans Collective.  As I launch this new blog, my mind has been swirling with ideas and excitement.  We are preparing to launch our new product line, Artisans Collective, and there is a total sense of excitement and fear in the shop!  Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing our journey to get the products launched, along with our updated and expanded online store.

I think I should let you know a bit about me.  Hmm, I’m a bit clumsy, tend to forget where I put things, and I have a love of power tools!  Now that might seem like an odd combination, but for me, well, it’s just who I am and how I roll.

In 2015 I asked my oldest daughter Laura at her college graduation if she was interested in helping me launch a new business. As Laura pondered her next steps in life, she agreed to dig in and help get the business off the ground.  Photos of us gutting and building out the shop in Glastonbury, CT are so funny.  There were days we were covered in dust!  We recycled over 600 lbs of lead sheeting from the walls we tore down.  Hmm, note to self, think twice before leasing space that was once a Chiropractor’s office and housed X-ray equipment! Did I mention that we were installing flooring in August in Connecticut?  HOT, HUMID and MUGGY… we found ourselves rolling around on the floor thinking a nice cool wine slushy might have been the only answer when we were failing at installing our floating floor!  We managed to figure out the floor and a whole lot more.  The space came out lovely and we have been rolling forward ever since.

Fast forward to April 2017 and the business is ready to tackle a whole new chapter.  Laura is working on her Masters, so she will be around to help at times.  Olivia, my youngest is graduating from Emerson College in Boston in a few weeks, so she is taking control of the Social Media.  Dan, my amazing husband is at the shop a lot!  You will see many photos of Dan, he’s the muscle, he also has an amazing eye for cool antiques.  You never know what project he’ll be working on, but one thing is for certain, he loves color! Of course, no shop is complete without all of the amazing support we get from our staff and friends.  I call Morgan our “Artist in Residence”.  She graduated from college a year ago with an art degree.  We are so fortunate to have such a talented artist working in our shop.  Finally, we often receive the help of friends and fellow artists.  Hilary, Emma, oh, and another Hilary!!  Yep, they all keep us going.

As for me, I spent years in a corporate career, all the while maintaining a craft business on the side.  I finally reached the point where my creative side needed to take over.  So here I am today, ready to tackle the next chapter. 

Stay tuned…. there will be creative projects and how to instructions coming your way.  We look forward to rolling out our workshops along with seeing the incredible creativity from you, our fellow Creative Guru’s!